This creature is in the Misc class, Fungi subclass.

9.6 (July 11, 2012 (most recent))

Hideous Fungus
4600 Hit points
2900 Experience points per kill

<tr> <td align="right" valign="top">Summon/Convince:</td> <td align="left" valign="bottom">--/--</td> </tr> <tr> <td align="right" valign="top">Abilities:</td> <td align="left" valign="bottom">Terra Strike (150-427+), Ice Strike (350-516+) dizziness ball (drunkenness), summons 2 Humorless Fungus, paralysis, Self Healing (275-350+), Invisibility</td> </tr> <tr> <td align="right" valign="top">Pushable:</td> <td align="left" valign="middle">?</td> </tr> <tr> <td align="right" valign="top">Push Objects:</td> <td align="left" valign="middle">?</td> </tr>

<tr> <td align="right" valign="top">Est. Max. Damage:</td> <td align="left" valign="bottom">900+ (without summons) hp per turn</td> </tr><tr> <td align="right" valign="top">Immune To:</td> <td align="left" valign="bottom">Earth, Paralysis, Invisibility</td> </tr><tr> <td align="right" valign="top">Strong To:</td> <td align="left" valign="bottom">Holy (-5%), Death (-1%?), Fire (-5%), Energy (-15%), Ice (-15%)</td> </tr><tr> <td align="right" valign="top">Neutral To:</td> <td align="left" valign="bottom">Physical, Drown?, Life Drain?</td> </tr><tr> <td align="right" valign="top">Weak To:</td> <td align="left" valign="bottom"></td> </tr><tr> <td align="right" valign="top">Sounds:</td> <td align="left" valign="bottom">"Munch munch munch!"</td> </tr><tr> <td align="right" valign="top">Behavior:</td> <td align="left" valign="bottom">Hideous fungi will position themselves at a distance. All of their attacks are distance-based. They will retarget to the player to damage them first. Template:Prefix will retreat at Template:Infobox Creature/Runsat-Rough </td> </tr><tr> <td align="right" valign="top">Field Notes:</td>

<td align="left" valign="bottom"></td>

</tr><tr> <td align="right" valign="top">Location:</td> <td align="left" valign="bottom">Warzone 1.</td> </tr><tr> <td align="right" valign="top">Strategy:</td> <td align="left" valign="bottom">Kill them quickly, they do quite heavy damage.

Mages: be careful, if you shoot area attacks on groups of fungi, many of them will switch to you.</td> </tr><tr id="loot_perc_tr"> <td align="right" valign="top">Loot:
</td> <td align="left" valign="top">0-190 gp, 0-7 Platinum Coins, Hideous Chunk, 0-13 Envenomed Arrows, 0-3 Mushroom Pies, Mana Potion, Great Health Potion, Red Piece of Cloth, White Piece of Cloth, Great Mana Potion, Green Piece of Cloth, War Hammer, Blue Piece of Cloth, Terra Boots, Terra Mantle, Muck Rod, Mycological Bow, Terra Amulet, Terra Legs. (Create loot statistics)</td> </tr>


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