NPC Raffael


<td style="text-align:right;vertical-align:top;">Location:</td>
<td colspan="2" style="text-align:left;vertical-align:bottom;"> Island of Destiny</td>

</tr> <tr>

<td style="text-align:right;vertical-align:top;">Occupation:</td>
<td colspan="2" style="text-align:left;vertical-align:bottom;">Equipment Shopkeeper, Banker</td>

</tr> <tr>

<td style="text-align:right;vertical-align:top;">Sound(s):</td>
<td colspan="2" style="text-align:left;vertical-align:bottom;">Get your shovels, ropes and torches here!, Do you need health potions, young knight? All the potions you could wish for are here!, Aaaaaall basic equipment for your adventure at Raffael's!, If you don't want to spend your money, I can also deposit it on your bank account for you. Or even better, withdraw it so you can shop!, Lost in the dark and out of mana to cast a light spell? Buy a torch now!, Cheapest offers on the whole island! - Well, the only offers!, Special offers for premium customers!, Don't leave for mainland without stopping by!</td>

</tr> <tr>

<td style="text-align:right;vertical-align:top;">Notes:</td>
<td colspan="2" style="text-align:left;vertical-align:bottom;">Sells equipment you may need on the mainland and buys equipment you will no longer need from Rookgaard, you can also access your bank account at him.</td>

</tr> <tr>

<td colspan="3">
Items traded:
Sells: Some items are only available to certain vocations or to premium players
Item Price
Arrow (Paladin) gp
Backpack 20 gp
Bow (Paladin) 350 gp
Brass Armor (Knight) Brass Armor gp
Brass Legs (Knight) Brass Legs gp
Chain Armor Chain Armor gp
Daramanian Mace (Knight) 500 gp
Egg (Premium) Egg gp
Fish 3 gp
Fishing Rod Fishing Rod gp
Ham 8 gp
Health Potion Health Potion gp
Jagged Sword (Knight) Jagged Sword gp
Leather Boots 10 gp
Mage Hat (Mages) Mage Hat gp
Magician's Robe (Mages) Magician's Robe gp
Mana Potion Mana Potion gp
Meat 5 gp
Oracle Figurine (Premium) Oracle Figurine gp
Orange (Premium) 7 gp
Plate Shield Plate Shield gp
Ranger's Cloak (Paladin) 450 gp
Rope Rope gp
Scarf (Premium) Scarf gp
Shovel Shovel gp
Soldier Helmet (Knight) 200 gp
Spear (Paladin) Spear gp
Steel Axe (Knight) Steel Axe gp
Steel Shield (Knight) 200 gp
Studded Legs Studded Legs gp
Torch Torch gp
Viking Shield (Premium) Viking Shield gp
Wand of Vortex Wand of Vortex gp
Worm Worm gp
Item Price (gp)
Brass Helmet 22
Brass Shield Brass Shield
Chain Armor 40
Copper Shield Copper Shield
Empty Potion Flask (Small) Empty Potion Flask (Small)
Katana Katana
Leather Armor Leather Armor
Leather Boots Leather Boots
Leather Helmet Leather Helmet
Leather Legs Leather Legs
Legion Helmet Legion Helmet
Mace Mace
Plate Shield 40
Sabre Sabre
Short Sword Short Sword
Studded Armor 20
Studded Club Studded Club
Studded Legs Studded Legs
Studded Shield Studded Shield
Sword Sword
Wooden Shield 3


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