This item is in the Weapons class, Axe Weapons sub-class

8.0 (June 26, 2007)

Vile Axe

It can only be wielded properly by players of level 55 or higher.

Attributes: Atk:43, Def:19 +3

Hands: One-Handed

Weight: 52.00 oz.

Loot value: 30,000 - 100,000 gp.

Buy from: Players.

Sell to: Rashid 30,000 gp

Notes: A rare axe. Decreased in rareness after Updates/8.2 when Hellgorak was proven to drop it in large amounts, but after a patch this was reduced. Still considered rare with a high value on most servers. Mostly used as decoration. Mages of a high level, might consider using it instead of rods or wands in some cases, since it gives a +3 defense bonus, and is on most servers the cheapest item that gives +3.

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