This item is in the Household Items class, Dolls and Bears sub-class


Voodoo Doll

Attributes: None.

Weight: 6.50 oz.

Loot value: 30,000 - 80,000 gp.

Buy from: Players.

Sell to: Rashid 400 gp.

Notes: Using this doll on any player or NPC will show either the following text: "You concentrate on your victim, hit the needle in the doll.......but nothing happens.", or: "You concentrate on your victim and hit the needle in the doll.", in which case a blood hit will appear on the target, dealing no damage. There are three other types of voodoo dolls: Pirate Voodoo Doll, Voodoo Doll (King) and Treasure Island Voodoo Doll. The last one looks the same as the real one, so be careful for scammers.

Its price increased a lot after adding achievements for full outfits, but it is expected be temporary trend that wont last longer than few months.

<spoiler> Five of them are needed in the Shaman Outfits Quest.
One is needed in the Treasure Hunt Quest.
One is required (but is not consumed) to obtain the Dark Voodoo Priest achievement. </spoiler>

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